Updated: March 2023

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Progressive Christianity In Singapore

We are a friendly group of Progressive Christians in Singapore who have come together for fellowship, discussion and support. We are inclusive and welcoming to all who identify as a Christian, yet cannot fit into the conservative, dogmatic and unwelcoming institutional Christian culture in Singapore.

We are not a church, nor are we here to tell you what you should believe. People in our community would disagree respectfully with each other on important issues - and we span the spectrum of what is generally called "Progressive Christianity", with some being more conservative (theologically) and some more progressive. So we are  just here to provide a "safe space" to get to know other like-minded Christians.

We intend to meet up Face-To-Face regularly (once a month initially) for fellowship, support and discussion and we also have an active Telegram group community. If you're interested to connect and be part of the group, please click this button below and drop us a message and let us know.

How We Define "Progressive Christianity"

We see this group of “Progressive Christianity” as advocating akin to what Roger Olsen wrote: “non-liberal Christians who are “open” to new ideas such as gay marriage, LGBTQ rights within society and the churches, passionate social justice activism, egalitarianism, etc.” and “formerly conservative Christians who are moving toward liberal Christianity but hesitating to go all the way there.” Of course, these statements are still quite vague, but it is within this "non-liberal" camp that we wish to position this group.

We definitely want to stay within the tenets of historic Christianity. Of course the question can be asked as to what we mean by that and what is considered "outside" of this? That’s probably not something that can be defined so easily or definitively (by us and maybe even by scholars) and we are still on a journey ourselves. But it is important for us that we do accept at least the historic Christian creeds.

- Taken from our 1st January 2023 blog post "2023 - Moving Forward".

If you hold to any or all of the following beliefs, you'd fit in well within our small but growing community:

  1. 1
    You think the church has been too judgemental towards the LGBT community and other marginalized groups, with Christianity in Singapore being tainted by its previously long-standing anti-Repeal 377A position - and hardly any Christian church willing to publicly stand up against the NCCS (National Council of Churches in Singapore)'s anti-Repeal 377A position.
  2. 2
    You question whether "unbelievers" (or people of different religions) will really spend eternity in hellfire and how such a "traditional" belief could be consistent with the love of God.
  3. 3
    You feel most Christians don't really think much about what they believe but just follow everything their leaders and the traditional church has taught without much critical reflection.
  4. 4
    You're what some have called an Ex-Evangelical or Exvangelical or even Post-Evangelical - or you can identify with the Emergent / Emerging church movement.
  5. 5
    You're sick of the dogmatism found in Christian churches - where questioning is generally frowned upon and there's only one way of thinking or you're "out".
  6. 6
    You wonder how so many Christians in America voted for Trump and how much of American Christianity has been corrupted by its close affiliation with right-wing politics and Trump.
  7. 7
    You have questions about how the violence and genocide (attributed typically to God) in the Old Testament can be consistent with the love of Jesus in the New Testament.
  8. 8
    You wonder whether the "traditional" literal interpretation of the bible is the only correct way to read the Bible - and whether there are alternatives out there.
  9. 9
    You think Christians and Christianity have been anti-science in many instances (e.g. young earth creationism, evolution, etc.).
  10. 10
    You are open to other spiritual, so-called "new-age" or mystical practices (meditation, Yoga, etc.) that many Christians would immediately declare is demonic and anti-Christian.